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Fic: Boys and Their Toys

Title: Boys and Their Toys
Pairing/Characters: Andy Davidson and Jack Harkness
Disclaimer: Torchwood and their characters belong to the BBC.
Summary: Andy gets a first real look at what he will never have.
Notes: Thanks to cruentum for issuing me (yet another) challenge to write something for the Comment Porn Battle. (Finally did!). This had absolutely no betas, but thanks to onebrightroad for helping me to solve a wee little problem. Enjoy!

Andy was coming to regret his offer to take P.C. Smith's night shift. It was bloody cold out here. Even with gloves his fingers ached, and his breath curled around his face as he walked up the empty street. He didn’t like this beat, he decided, quite glad he no longer had to work the night shifts.

But it wasn't only the cold and the empty night crowding in that made him wish he were anywhere but here. Dilwyn’s beat depressed him. Litter clogged the kerbs, sidewalks cracked by the insidious invasion of determined weeds, empty shops, some of which were boarded up, others starkly empty. This was a neighborhood in serious decline. He felt sorry for anyone who lived here. Felt sorry for Dilwyn who, as a first-year rookie, was stuck with this territory.

Not a soul in sight. Not a sound except off in the distance where people apparently preferred to be, in a warm pub sharing a pint and a laugh and a song. Where he would have been if not for his momentary insanity. Not that he regretted helping out a mate, especially given his first kid had decided on a surprise appearance in his dad's first half hour on his shift. It'd been the right thing to do.

"Thank you, thank you Andy! I'm a dad!" He'd wrapped Andy up in a bear hug, nearly lifting Andy from his feet before dropping him back to the floor. "The shift's easy, I promise. Nothing ever happens on my shift." He'd clapped Andy hard on the shoulder. "Just don't fall asleep!" He'd hugged Andy again. "I'm a dad!"

Andy chuckled to himself as he stepped off the kerb and crossed the street. He stifled a yawn, wishing something, anything, would happen to break the monotony. His wish was granted seconds later when a car passed, radio blaring and window down. In a moment it turned the corner and was gone, and he was alone again.

He hoped that wouldn't be the highlight to his night.

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George naked back

LGBTFEST Fic: When Everything is Remembered

Title: When Everything is Remembered
Author: into_officeboys
Fandoms: Being Human/Torchwood
Pairing/Characters: (the werewolf) George Sands/P.C. Andy Davidson
Rating: R
Length: 11,271
Disclaimer: Being Human, Torchwood and their characters belong to the BBC.
Prompt: lgbtfest Prompt 60. Any fandom, any characters. A straight-identified and a bisexual character have a drunken conversation about their sexual preferences. The straight-identified character is astonished to find that he or she agrees with their bisexual friend on everything, and begins to re-evaluate his or her sexual identity.
Summary: George discovers he can deny what he wants, and is, only for so long. In the end, Nature always wins--whether it is of the human kind, or not.
Notes: Thanks to amproof  for the beta help and her never-ending support and friendship, blue_fjords for being my Being Human expert and beta-ing, plus her enthusiasm for my story and shared love for this amazing series more people should watch, and smirnoffmule  for his knowledge of all things British and helping this poor Texan get things right. Any mistakes I make in this fic are mine and mine alone--all three helped me gain the confidence I so desperately needed to believe in this story, my first to post in either the BH or TW fandoms. I hope the person who submitted the prompt likes what I did with it.

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Welsh Talk

Nick suggested I put my ipod on repeat and listen to each mp3 over and over and over and over and over again.  So, I am, while scanning some deeds.  Little by little, lol, this lesson is sinking into my wee brain. Edward signs up for karate!  Exciting!

I just LOVE the rolling r's of Welsh.  'ch' and I on the other hand, remain enemies.
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Further Proof I have Succumbed to Torchwood

1. I have joined several Torchwood communities -- and enjoy them.
2. I am reading Torchwood fics (without being told I must!read).
3. I have made a Torchwood LJ.
4. I am watching the series in order. For the first time. After watching out of order twice.
5. I am going to Wales this summer.
6. I am excited about going to Wales this summer because we will be in Cardiff.
7. I have 2 Torchwood fics I want to write, despite being convinced I will mess them up horribly.
8. I have decided to learn Welsh.

It is perhaps the last one that convinced me that yes, I have indeed succumbed to the Power of Torchwood. Nick has been studying Welsh for awhile--and of course doing fabulously (and not surprised, due to the fact that Nick has an amazing knack for learning languages, and is completely bi-lingual, German and English).

I, on the other hand, was not fortunate enough to learn a second language growing up. A crime, I believe--but I did grow up in a time when kids were taught little about the outside world, other than the smatterings we learned in history (white man's history). As a lover of history, I am sick sick sick of what I was not taught, by both my education and by my parents (who raised all three of us, but especially apparently the youngest--me--to be way too ignorant of the world.).

I studied German for a little while, early on after meeting Nick, even had a private tutor. I liked her but...she was a lonely woman and became, well, clingy. I ended the lessons before I left for Germany the first time. I never got that far with the study of the language...though I'm often surprised how much I can pick out, here and there. Kind of a shame I stopped, but I guess the realization that I likely won't ever be in Germany unless with my #1 guide and interpreter, no worries, really. Still, it was fun, and good for the brain cells.

So now, there is Welsh! I was rather daunted by Nick's books that he is using. I knew I would fail utterly at studying Welsh that way, but I really enjoyed learning about the history of Wales, and am pretty stunned that I didn't KNOW these things. Yet another example of being raised all-too-ignorant of the world outside the United States.

Nick found several online courses though--the link to the one I am using is in my links section. We even played with that one a few weeks ago, and it seemed nicely done. For some bizarre reason, yesterday I decided to just play around with the different courses, and I found I really liked it alot. LOL if I had found the equivalent (for free!) of German, I might have done better than I did (used Pimsleur, got through about sixteen lessons and then...).

So here we go. I am giving Welsh a go. I know that I am unlikely to really learn how to wield the language as I suspect Nick will in time, but as he pointed out to me, it would be rather nice if I learned some basic words, sentences, etc. before we go.

Besides, studying languages is good for the brain. Makes it sharper. I could use a sharper brain!

I think I will have to make myself a schedule now. So many things I want to do all of a sudden! I am rather excited though.

Another list:

1. Study Welsh, learn basic greetings, numbers, ALPHABET (understand mutations??? lol), etc.
2. Get to know more people as myself, not just as N's g/f.
3. Watch TW in order, start to finish, before the 3rd series is out.
4. Finish the first draft of ballet boy for Loose-Id before we go to Wales.
5. Get basic outline in mind for Andy!mystery so that in Wales, can take sensible notes.
6. Write Rhys fic re: plot f-up. LOL. I really do want to do this.
7. Train for the ascent of Snowdon in July!!!!

And that is all for now.